Robber Beaten Up By Employees

  • Posted On : 06/01/2016
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If you’re going to resist a robber (armed robber or unarmed but threatening) you better know your Active Self Protection is up to the task! Would you have gone for the double leg like the customer did? Original video of the robber getting it: If you know the story behind this video, please send it to me so I can update the description with that information! How do I protect myself from a robber? 1. While we certainly recommend that people carry the best defensive tools they possibly can, there will be times when those tools are unavailable. In those instances, though, being aware of any environmental weapons of opportunity you might use to defend yourself is helpful! A glass bottle can become a very nasty slashing tool. A pen can be used as a makeshift kubotan. A wrench can become a workable fighting stick. As against this robber, a mop can become a makeshift staff. Don’t discount environmental weapons if you don’t have access to purpose-built tools. There are SIX additional lessons on our website, so head there to learn more from this robber getting his comeuppance: Attitude. Skills. Plan. (music in the intro and outro courtesy of Bensound at

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