Helpful Hint 101ever Have An Ink Pen Explode In Your

  • Posted On : 22/09/2014
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Helpful Hint #101 Ever Have an ink pen explode in your dryer drum? Don't panic!! As you can see from this short video in just a few short easy steps it will be just like brand new. What you will need: Magic eraser 100% Acetone fingernail polish remover Or regular polish remover (100% is faster) Squirt bottle A few old rags 1 cup bleach mixed w/ 1 cup water Rinse the squirt bottle thoroughly to not mix chemicals. Add 1/2 bottle of acetone or about 1 1/2 cups. Get 1 to 2 rags handy as well as the magic eraser. Squirt inside of drum directly on ink stains.. immediately wipe with rag! This is important as the acetone dries quickly and smears instead of wipes clean. Continue to do this step until most of the large stains are removed. Using magic eraser helps with smearing and tough stains. The drum will still look smeared some. Don't worry! The second step takes care of the rest. Mix 1 cup bleach with 1 cup water in an old bucket. Dip old rags or towels into bleach/water mixture. Soak up as much as the rags can hold without being soaked. Ring out slightly. Place rags in the dryer and run a full dry cycle. To be safe after that cycle, as not to leave traces of ink or bleach for your next unsuspecting load wash the rags in clear water and a tiny bit of detergent. Run full wash cycle. Now place clean rags in dryer drum. Run dryer full cycle. Voila!!! Just like new!

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