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  • Posted On : 04/01/2016
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So, after watching this knife attack, do you still think that standing flat-footed at the range will prepare you to face a real deadly threat? Practicing Active Self Protection means being ready for realistic deadly force encounters, and this suicide by cop certainly shows us some significant lessons for our training! Original video of the knife attack with more information: News story with more, including a picture of the knife used in the knife attack: How do I protect myself against a knife attack? 1. The Tueller Drill is a widely known standard for gun carriers against a knife attack, which states that an attacker can cover 21 feet in 1.5 seconds to get to their target. If the gun carrier doesn’t have their gun out and ready, they will get stabbed trying to get their gun in a fight. This has led to the “21 foot rule”, though it has been revisited by Sgt. Tueller and found to be more of a guide and principle than a rule. At any rate, in a knife attack, recognize that a knife-wielding attacker can be a deadly threat from a significant range, and recognize that they can close that distance very quickly. Get your firearm out and on target as soon as you recognize a threat! Want to learn more? Lessons 2-5 are on our website, so head there for more: Attitude. Skills. Plan. (music in the intro and outro courtesy of Bensound at

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