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Privacy Policy.

For MetaVideos the Privacy of the visitors on the site is the highest priority, This page contains all the information which can be exchanged when any visitor is visiting MetaVideos, so it is highly recommended to read all the information provided in the page so that you can know what information is being shared when you are visiting us.

For Doubts: You mail us on

Log Files

A Log File generally refers to the file which contains list of all the actions that are committed, this is used by most of the standard Web site servers and so do we.

The Log Files includes the following

Internet Protocol Addresses

Internet Service Provider

Browser type

Online Presence

Operating System

Time Spent on a Page

Number of Clicks made by a visitor

The Pages viewed by visitor

All this information is used by us to make the site better, suppose, we come to know that around 80% traffic is using a Android Phone, then we will make some changes which will make the experience of Android Visitors better. We also use this files to know the type of content which is interesting to people so that at the next time we can provide some more good content!


A Cookie is a piece of file stored on the user’s computer system, Droidmen uses cookies to track the returning visitors this helps us to make our site better. If you want to browse our site anonymously then you can disable cookies from your Browser settings. After disabling the cookies also you can simply browse our site and still you won’t face any issue! We don’t upload the cookies to any other site or sell it to any other sites.

Dart Cookies

DART Cookies (Dynamic Advertising Reporting & Targeting) are those cookies which our Advertising partners may use to serve ads depending on the Location. For instance Google Adsense uses Cookies to serve Ads on any webpage, they use the DART cookie so that they can show Ads based on the users interest and previous interaction as well.


Links in general refers to the URLs, in some of our posts we many also include the sources of some sites which may not belong to us and if you navigate to that site, that site may exchange some information which is not mentioned here, but DroidMen will not be responsible for any other things that may take place on the other site, but as privacy is at the utmost importance to us we may analyze the Site of which will be sharing the link and then we may share the link on our site so that the users don’t face any issues.

Information Displayed to Public

Yes, some of the information is displayed to the public, that is when you make comments on the post then whatever you comment if approved is visible to the public, in that also we don’t share your email address in Public. This is a great way to know whether what we have posted is relevant with the User Experiences or not? If not then we may make necessary changes.

Do we trade with the information?

No for now we don’t trade in any information and in the near future also we won’t trade in any of the information which is exchanged between the user and the site. We believe in the User Privacy and it is at the top most priority to us, If you still feel that we are exchanging some data which is not mentioned here, then feel free to navigate to the Contact Page or mail us at the above listed email address.

Passwords and other Credentials.

Passwords are the key’s which enables you to access something, We don’t ask for any passwords or any other credentials on this site. For the members of the site, the passwords will be encrypted in the Database which is completely secured and cannot be decrypted at an ease.

So when you are on our site, Feel free to visit any page you like and if any problem is faced while being on the site then contact us.

Last updated : 15st August 2016

In case of any problems do visit our contact page and let us know

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